When it comes to improving your barbering skills and taking your career to the next level, there’s really no substitute for a live barbering course. By interacting with a roomful of peers, asking questions of subject matter and examining real-world applications of the information you’re covering, it really helps cement your new knowledge.
Barber Boot Camp provides you with such a wide array of topics from barber basics to covering the problems you’re facing every day in the shop. Our barber seminars are led by expert trainers who have been in your shoes and know the issues and concerns you’re facing, and how to solve them.
Our barber courses are delivered in a fun and interactive manner, each of our hands on training seminars will equip you with the latest techniques, tips, and best practices you need to implement your new knowledge right away  and take your income & career to the next level.

Barber Boot Camp Classes Schedule

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Barber Boot Camp
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