Barbering for Beginners


In our Barber Boot Camp Advanced Hair Cutting Classes we only take (6) Attendees per seminar. We do this to insure that everyone in attendance gets to cut as much hair, and get as much practice as possible. We feel raising that number would affect the quality of our mission. We at Barber Boot Camp judge our success by what our attendee's can do when they leave us and go back into the shop. Because we only take (6) people our classes tend to sell out very quickly.  We can not add attendees after we reach capacity,  it is most important for us to facilitate our seminars in a way that our attendees get the best education that we can provide and to do this we must stick with this formula. Thank you for understanding and your interest and support of Barber Boot Camp.

There is NO judgment and NO silly questions when it comes to learning in these classes so ALL questions asked get answered so everyone gets it.

We learn on a live model after model together, not from your chair but from behind the chair with YOU cutting.

Barber Lesson

 This Seminar is for professional barbers, cosmetologists, and instructors only.  This class is the next step up from our basic interactive class.  

We keep the class size small (only 6 attendees)

This class is focused on what you the individual want to work on specifically (fading, speed, designs, etc)
Each attendee brings their own model - (brother, husband, son, boyfriend, uncle, etc... someone you can cut regularly)

In this class each attendee cuts their client with one on one coaching from our educator.

Combined with many other hairstyles demonstrated, learning from the next persons cut and the repetition of seeing the system work each time and on different textures of hair, locks in your cutting DNA.  

It's a great class for those ready to take it to the next level with their clipper cutting.

Barber Lessons


 This class focuses on you and what “You” want to learn.  There is one way to learn how to cut hair... To cut it.  Our Barber Boot Camp for Cosmetologists – (LEVEL 2) will allow you to build onto the system you learned in level 1, what you already know and then explore some areas that are new to you in hair cutting.  As barbers and cosmetologists we all have different parts of our craft that we stand out in, and then there are some areas we know in the back of our minds, we can improve upon.  This clipper cutting class allows you to focus on those areas and gain new techniques that will help you in mastering that area of your craft too. Whether it’s building speed, mastering a new styles like Mo hawks, Fro Hawks, South of France, Designs, Tapers, Fades, beard trimming or Eyebrow arching.

Clipper cutting classes
·        Improving speed
·        Fading
·        Tapering
·        Learn to cut straight hair
·        Learn to cut curly hair
·        Designer parts
·        Edging the hairline
·        Customer service
·        Sanitation
·        Target marketing
·        Essential tools
·        Mo hawks
·        Fro Hawks
·        South of France
·        Designs
·        And much much more…

Attendee brings a model  -
*Note -(Models will be given appointment times so they won’t have to sit all day)
Only 6 students for these classes

This class is for licensed barbers and cosmetologists only. If you have not been cutting, please take our Barber Boot Camp Basic Training Class or Barber Boot Camp for Cosmetologists before you take this class.

To find our upcoming LEVEL II Seminars:

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