Barber Business Boot Camp

The barber and industry is an awesome profession to be a part of. Merging your passion with your profession is a labor of love. However, barber schools are designed to give you the basics and help you pass your state board exam. And as you work in our industry you realize the art that we create is only a part of becoming a successful barber. The "Business of Barbering" is just as, if not more important to building a lasting career. Good is not enough. Without the knowledge and expertise needed to excel beyond the ordinary, your growth and earning potential will be limited.

Our Barber Business Boot Camp shows you how to work "smarter, not harder" and create a system that works for you.

This seminar will help answer many of the important questions you may have about a wide range of topics specific to our industry, but also lay down a great foundation for long term success.

This class is so  full of information we can’t even list them all here but there are a few of them listed below.

We don’t just tell you about this we walk you through setting it up, right there in class.

Don't miss this chance to get real world experience from educators who are willing to share their secrets to success that often not because you are viewed as their competition. Some of the info shared takes years to learn on your own but our educators share their wealth of knowledge on these subjects and give you a plan of action to increase your income, organize your business, lead your team, market and sell your brand and become the hair professional you want to be.

Just a few of the things we will do in class:

•Create a customer profile and determine your ideal customer

•Learn to target market

•Build a basic website  (yes, right there in class) *2 day only

•Create and integrate your social media with your site

•Create customized income sheets to keep up with your money

•Create free and low - cost advertising and marketing that is effective

•And much much more…

  • How do I get customers?
  • How much should I charge?
  • How do I keep up with my earnings?
  • How do I open a business account?
  • Should I work commission or booth rent?
  • How do I know if a shop is worth building at?
  • Walk ins or appointment only?


    • How to target market
    • How to provide excellent customer service?
    • How to create & maximize your social network imprint?
    • How to increase customers and brand loyalty?
    • How to increase your client base with the right type of clients?
    • How to maximize time management to make more money?


  • Booth Rent or Suite?
  • Where to buy shop equipment?
  • What budget do you need?
  • How to manage artists?
  • How to start retailing products?


  •  How to provide excellent customer service 
  • How to retain existing customers & enlist them to sell you to friends?
  • How to promote value and benefit of your services?
  • How to create & maximize your social network imprint?
  • How to expand your brand.
  • How to expand your demographic reach?
  • How to target market?
  • Increase customers and brand loyalty?